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Happy (belated) 4th birthday, YTC!

A week ago today, YTC secretly had its 4th birthday (did any of you remember?). This year has been busy for many of us, including myself and the rest of our production team. Still, we’ve been working hard to get your orders out on a timely basis in the midst of this global crisis, while not compromising the high quality YTC is known for. We’ve even brought on a new team member for tablet cover design, which should speed up On-Demand orders significantly. Skipfie has been hard at work as well shipping the extremely popular SkipPad V2 and our custom mousepads. We’ve also established partnerships with notable streamers and a top player from the osu! community to expand our community.

As always, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support. Without your active interest in our products and community, we would not be who we are today. To celebrate this year’s anniversary, we’d like to introduce a new friend. Some lucky customers may have been lucky enough to already meet her, having received a limited edition sticker version of her in the mail. But today, she makes her formal introduction, here’s Yuuki—our brand new mascot!

Hi there, I’m Yuuki! Btw, my amazing art is done by @kimomochia

She’s a fun-loving girl who like many of us, loves to play osu! in her free time. Starting as a novice player who could barely FC 3* maps, she purchased her first YTC tablet cover back in 2016, and has since then set FCs on numerous difficult maps, including an SS on xi – FREEDOM DiVE [Four Dimensions] + HRDT (no proof, she’s an offline player only).

To welcome her arrival to the YTC family, we’re giving away 2x special Yuuki edition tablet cover sets, 1x mousepad as well as some Yuuki sticker packs (see below for some samples)! To enter the raffle, follow the instructions here.

The rest of our shop is 20% off for 4 days only using coupon code “ytcanniv20”! And to those of you who have been waiting for a Batch order, it’s coming back real soon 😉

37 thoughts on “Happy (belated) 4th birthday, YTC!

  1. Congratulations on your 4-year anniversary!!

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats. My favorite play was BTMC’s first NM pass on the 9 star Freedom Dive

  4. Congratulations on 4 years!!!!!!! My favorite play of 2020 has been -gn’s play EZFL play on BARUSA of MIKOSU.

  5. Pog. Fav play so far was my first 250+pp play

  6. Congrats on 4 years! My favorite play of 2020 has to be ascension to heaven 3-mod FC from Merami

  7. Merami’s Ascension to Heaven +HD,HR,DT FC.

  8. Four years already! Favorite play of the year was probably GN’s Notch Hell +FL FC.

  9. Happy 4th anniversary. Keep up the great work. Favorite play of the year was Ryuk’s HD,DT play on Kuusou Ressha.

  10. Happy 4th Anniversary!

    Been a fan of your tablet covers for a long while!

    1. My favorite play of this year will be Imagination (TV Size) by SPYAIR.

      Happy about the high Acc on it.

  11. Asu no Yozora Shoukaihan is my favorite just coz i like the song a lot. Hope to fc eventually
    Congratz on 4!

  12. Happy 4 year anniversary!!! Congratulations guys!! <3

  13. Hi everyone! Merami has to get my play of the year on Acension to Heaven 3-mod FC

  14. My favorite play of this year has to be Merami’s Mou Ii kai HDDT play. He’s so far ahead of even the best speed players.

  15. Congratulations! My favorite play of the year is Blankfield – Goodbye FC by Ryuk.

  16. Congrats on the 4th anniversary!! My favourite play of the year is Ascension to heaven +HDDTHR, its crazy.

  17. Best play(s) was Ryuk’s speed plays, insane man.

  18. Favourite play was merami’s in the oral cigarettes map.

  19. Congrats. My favorite play was ASecretBox’s first HD FC on painters of the tempest.

  20. ASecretBox’s Painters of the Tempest + HD FC. Nearly 16 minutes of pain

  21. Best play of the year for me has to be Merami’s mou ii kai score

  22. Congratulations! Enjoyed your tablet covers for the last few years. Love the mascot!

  23. Pog, congrats on 4 years

  24. My favorite has to be Merami’s rog-unlimitation score

  25. Congratulations!

  26. Congrats on the 4 years! Favorite play is Whitecat’s Yubi Bouenkyou FC that got him into the 20,000pp milestone.

  27. hap birf

  28. I haven’t been paying that much attention to the plays other players have been setting, but Merami’s Ascention to Heaven +HDDTHR play is insane

  29. Holy shit 4 years already. Bought my first covers within the first year and now its been 3 years.
    My favourite play of 2020 was my best friends first FC ever. It was the beginning of seeing the progress of a new player and being there the entire way.

  30. congrats on 4 years! my favorite score this year has got to either be ryuk’s bspower explosion or finest sky choke

  31. Awesome!! My favorite play would have to be when my friend got his first SS on a 3 star Quaver map 🙂

  32. Congratulations!

  33. Happy 4th Anniversary! My favourite play was probably actually Merami’s 3mod on Ascension to Heaven

  34. Hi yangu team,
    Luv u all

  35. BTMC Prelude to Bereavement. “finally has a unique score”

  36. I love your covers man and I hope you have more years of success. Anyways, my favorite osu! play of the year has to be FGSky’s Oomori Seiko – JUSTadICE (TV Size) [Extreme] +HDDTHRFL play because it not only is really hard but he has played the map over 2000 times and shows his dedication.

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